New York Day 1

Wow, long time no blog. I friend said “I wish you still blogged.,” and it got me thinking that he’s right. It’s been a long time and I’ve always said if I had just one person reading then it was worth doing 🙂 So this is for you buddy!

The feeling of excitement that takes over my body when starting the descent in JFK never ever gets old, even if it is 6:00 am in the morning and I got no sleep on the flight! Coming to NYC provides me with so much excitement. I arrived at my AirBnb on the Upper East Side at around 8:00 in hopes of a hot shower and a few hours rest. Well, the building Im staying in was being worked so there was no hot water and when I tried to go to sleep the drilling, hammering, sawing and yelling made it hard but I stuck it out and managed to get some sleep.

Headed down to the Village to meet my good friend Sam Taylor for some delicious vegetarian food at Souen, followed by a coffee and then it was off to Smalls. The gig was a lot of fun. Great band made up of some old friends and a new one! Fellow Canadian Phil Stewart on drums, Mike Karn on bass, Rick Germanson on piano and my dear friend Ian Hendrickson-Smith on alto saxophone. It’s always fun playing at Smalls and looking around to see who might show up and as usual there were a bunch of friends, musicians etc. coming by to say hi. It was very cool. After Smalls we headed over to Mezzow for more hang time with Ian, Jenny and Rick Germanson, Sam Taylor. Got to see my two favourite Smalls/Mezz staff, Hannah and Vicki (fellow Canadian, GO CANADA). I then snuck over to the Fatcat to hear Sam Dillon and his quartet who I’m recording on Saturday before coming home. Got to hang with the Coastal Jazz Team (Rainbow, Cole and Jeremy). They got me all fired up talking about the old Cellar and jazz club war stories. It was fun. I headed back to Smalls to have a quick meeting with Nick Hampton about some things and then it was home. I think I waltzed in at 3:30. Got some rest and am ready for day 2!

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