A long but great day in the city today. Had a 12:30 appointment with Bill Singer, one of THE best horn repairman on the planet. I didn’t have anything specifically wrong with my horn but wanted him to take take a look at it and make some adjustments which he did and it plays fantastic! He’s a great guy to. For those technical people out there he opened up the key heights for me with opens up the horn a little bit. He did a great job and I really love how the horn is playing now. He’s an interesting guy to watch work as well.

Tenor saxophonist Grant Stewart came down and met me and we had a nice lunch at a great Thai restaurant.  After that I headed to The Jazz Record Center down on 26th Street and miraculously I got out of the store without spending any money but it was great to look around. It’s such and incredible store.  I then headed way up town to my gig at Bierstrasse on 133rd and 12th Avenue. Very very cool place.  The gig was great. Jason Tiemann on drums and Ben Paterson on organ.  The only drag is there were ZERO people there. I think its my first ever 0 people gig! What was even funnier is we got paid in $1 bills!  It looks like a big stack of money and it was a big stack of money but it amounted to much less than it looked!  Anyways, its was a really fun gig. Its a great sounding and looking room.  Zev Feldman came up and met me and we walked a few blocks up to Showmans Lounge and heard Jerry Weldon for a few tunes before heading downtown to hear Jamale Davis’ Group at Smalls with a great saxophonist Stephen Riley from North Carolina.  After their set we snuck up to Little Branch and caught a few tunes by Grant Stewart’s Quartet followed by some late night eats and then bed!  Damn, what a day!

Now its off to Day 1 of Jazz Congress.



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