I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting on The Cellar lately.  I have always maintained that I don’t miss it and I stand by that.  I have such a great situation with Frankie’s and Coastal Jazz its sometimes hard to believe I did it any other way but then I comb the archives and start remembering some of the amazing moments.  Our ten year anniversary was one of those moments.  One For All descended on Vancouver like and left a path of musical destruction (in a good way).  Those cats have so much swagger and it was on display for four wonderful nights in 2010.  The resulting album Invades Vancouver is a gem and what’s even better is we video taped the last night.  Bossa For All, a David Hazeltine original for no other reason than we had so much material to choose from.  He never forgave me but I’m recording it with him in New York in a few months so all is now forgiven.

Jim Rotondi sounds particularly amazing on this track!


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